SWIT S-4020 KIT 12/24V-station w/ 4x S-8180S

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Swit S-4020 Power Box Kit

Power Station Box Kit with 4x S-8180S 220Wh Batteries -12V/24V. Power Station Box (12V/24V)
Long-lasting power solution for high draw devices
S-4020 power station box can install 4 pieces of V-mount batteries which can provide more power and longer power supply time comparing to single Li-ion battery. It can meet the demand of different users, and is very suitable for Cine cameras, lightings for Film & Television and mobile studios.
PP+ Fibre glass case, strong and durable
S-4020 adopts PP+ fibre glass case which is high intensity, high toughness and high temperature resistant.
Power with 4 V-lock batteries, portable and usable
Considering the size, weight, power efficiency, and usability, S-4020 is designed to be powered with 1-4 V-lock batteries, which are widely used and easy to find.
The following SWIT V-mount batteries will fit in the box:
S-8320S, S-8340S, S-8083S, S-8113S, S-8183S, S-8082S, S-8110S, S-8180... 

What's in the box:
1x Power Station Box (12V/24V)
4x 220Wh High Load V-mount Battery Pack

Power Station Box (12V/24V)  

Input  DC 16.8V 5A (Charging)  
Output  DC 11-16.8V 15A(180W)/DC 22-33.6V 15A(360W)  
Working temperature:  0°C~+40°C  
Working humidity:  10%~90%  
Storage temperature:  -15℃~﹢60℃  
Dimensions  290mm x 221mm x 278mm  
Net weight  3.45Kg  

220Wh High Load V-mount Battery Pack  
Nominal Voltage  14.4V  
Capacity  220Wh/15.3Ah  
Max output power  140W  
Max output current  12A  
Mount Type  V-mount  
Operation Temperature  0-40°C  
Net weight  Approx 1.3kg  
Dimensions  165×90×66mm 

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S-4020 KIT

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