SWIT S-3812S 2ch Top Fast Charger & Adaptor

Item number 60038614

SWIT S-3812S 2-ch V-Mount Fast Charger

• 2-ch simultaneous charging
• Gives user 85% charge in 1 hour
• Can identify battery type and adjust charging method accordingly
• 6A fast charging for select SWIT batteries
• 3A charging for conventional V-mount batteries
• Support AC to 4-pin XLR output
• Support battery to 4-pin XLR output
• LCD display charging/adapting info

The S-3812S fast charger can charge 2 V-mount batteries simultaneously at Max 6A fast charging current when partnered with the new SWIT fast charge V-mount battery range. The charging speed is twice as fast than normal V-mount chargers. The following battery models support 6A fast charging: S-8340S, S-8360S, D-8161S. For other batteries, the charging current is 3A.

AC-DC Adapting Output
The S-3812S supports 1-ch AC-DC adapting output via 4-pin XLR port. With the S-7102 (4-pin XLR female to male) cable, it can supply 16.8V DC power to other equipment up to a maximum load of 200W/12A. When the adapting load is less than 100W, the S-3812S quick charger can still charge the battery simultaneously. (With 2 batteries, the charge is sequential).

Battery-DC Adapting Output
You can also mount batteries on to the S-3812S charger, and output DC power via 4-pin XLR port. By S-7102 (4-pin XLR female to male) cable, it can supply 16.8V DC power to the other equipments, Max load 200W/12A.

LCD Charging Info Display
The S-3812S has an LCD screen to display the real time charging/adapting information

The S-3812S has the 3-colour LED indicators for both 2 channels:
Red light slowly flashes: The battery is charging
Red light fast flashes: The battery is almost fully charged
Green light constant: The battery is fully charged
Green light flashes: The battery is adapting output
Orange light flashes: Battery or Charger has an error

What's in the box:
Battery Charging/Discharging status
Real time capacity and percentage
Real time Voltage/Current
Remaining time until fully charged
Remaining time until fully discharged
Battery cycle times
Adapting output current and power

Input: 100~240VA, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: Max 260W
Charging output: DC 16.8V, Max 6A×2-ch
Adapting output: DC 16.8V, Max 12A
Working temperature: 0°C~+40°C
Working humidity: 10%~90%
Dimensions: 272mm×246mm×97mm
Weight: Approx. 1.85kg

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