SWIT S-2712 Pocket RGB Panel light

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SWIT S-2712 Pocket RGB Panel light

  • 204pcs ultra bright RGBW SMD LEDs
  • 12W, 320Lux @ 1 meter
  • 2500-9000K color temperature
  • CCT mode and HSI color mode
  • Built-in 20x light demo effects
  • Super high CRI Ra 96, TLCI 99
  • Internal 3000mAh battery, >1.5 hours
  • USB-C 5-15V QC3.0 charging
  • Magnetic rear housing
  • Provide diffuser and 40° honeycomb

Pocket RGB Light
S-2712 pocket size LED light includes 96pcs RGB SMD LEDs and 108pcs Bi-color SMD LEDs, produces creative RGB colors by HSI adjustment and 20x demo effects for common scenario simulation. The CNC metal housing and built-in battery allow a convenient light setup.

Slim and Bright - CRI 96; TLCI 99
With 12W power comsumption, the S-2712 outputs 320Lux illuminance at 1 meter, 65° wider beam angle, equally spread from center to edge. S-2712 produces accurate color index, CRI 96, TLCI 99.

HSI 3,600,000 Colors
The RGB light is adjusted by H(Hue) S(Saturation) I(Intensity) Mode, which closely aligns with the way human vision perceives color making attributes. There're 360xH, 100xS and 100xI, totally 3,600,000 colors produced.

CCT Adjustment
S-2712 can also be used as Bi-color light by CCT (Correlated Color temperature) adjustment, supports 2500K-9000K wider range.

20x Demo Effects
The light has built-in 20x Demo effects, including the commonly used car lights, candles, lightning, party simulation effects, for creative Vlogger’s productions.

Built-in 3000mAh Battery - 1.5 hours full output, USB-C Charging
S-2712 has built-in a 3000mAh Lithium polymer battery, which can power the light at 100% output for at least 1.5 hours. You can charge the battery by USB type C port, by any 5-15V USB-C charger. QC3.0 supported.

Diffuser and Honeycomb
S-2712 Pocket RGB light provides a Diffuser cover and a 40° honeycomb in standard package.

S-2712 box includes 1x diffuser box, 1x honeycomb, 1x 1/4” arm bracket, 1x Coldshoe bracket, 1x USB-C power cable, 1x bag.

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