TILTA Hand Wheel Adapter for Ronin/ G2X

Item number 60005007

Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Attachment Plate for Tilta Gravity G2X and DJI Ronin-S
This adapter is designed to allow you to mount the Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Controller to the Tilta Gravity G2X or DJI Ronin-S. Use the included M6 screw to attach the adapter to one of the rosette connections at the base of Gravity G2X or use one of the Ronin-S’s M4 screws to attach it to the Ronin-S.

After mounting the adapter, you can then simply slide the Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Controller into it and then tighten it down with the locking lever.

Technical Data:
Weight: 0.046 lbs
Color: Black with red tightening toggle
Materials: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel

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