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RYCOTE InVision INV-6 Heavy

Item number 60036093

The INV-6 Heavy is a heavier grade version of the INV-6 which feature firmer Single 82 (19/25) Lyres which will support microphones used with lightweight windshields in 'run and gun' scenarios.

Fitted with:
- 2 x 19-25mm universal clips, with Universal 82 Lyre (70mm wide)
- Standard bar with 25mm (1") centres
- Maximum microphone length 120mm

An InVision set contains two Lyre, an appropriate length mounting bar, and in some cases, a reducing sleeve (InVision INV-4). The Lyre suspension webs of our InVision come in two sizes: - InVision Lyre width: 43 mm - Standard Lyre width: 70 mm Mounting bars come in two sizes: - Standard length: 25 mm - Large length: 70 mm The reducing sleeve allows for smaller microphones (e.g. Schoeps CCM series) to be held by the Lyre.

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