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RYCOTE Baseball Combo 21/22

Item number 60036069

Baseball Combo
This ‘combo’ pack comprises a Baseball 21/22 and a Baseball Windjammer. Baseball is the ingenious little 3-inch windscreen, specifically designed for interior boom pole use. It greatly reduces the ‘swooshing’ noises that are induced by fast boom swings and other rapid movements. The Baseball Windjammer is a low-profile fur cover for the Baseball, which when fitted allows for high-speed, ‘extreme’ booming – and can even be used outdoors in light winds. Baseball 21/22mm is compatible with the following mics: Audio-Technica AT4049b, AT4051b, AT4021b, AT4022, AT4041; Neumann KM180 Series (KM183, KM184, KM185) & Sennheiser ME64 K6.

All versions have the same exterior dimensions, but come with different internal bore diameters to fit a variety of industry-standard microphones. Incredibly lightweight (just 17g) and offering significantly increased performance over conventional foam windscreens, the Baseball is ideal for fast/deep booming and plosive reduction. It also helps to protect your mic.

Baseball Dimensions  7.5 cm  
Windjammer Dimensions  11 cm  
Baseball Weight  0.017 kg  
Windjammer Weight  0.015 kg  

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