D-LINE Cable Management Kit White

Item number 237241

Cable holder Kit 

The Cable holder Kit White (EU/CKITW) consists of 4 articles: 

  • 1.25m Cable Tidy Wrap Spiral 
  • 6x Cable Tidy Clips 
  • 0.6m Cable Tidy Band Hook & Loop
  • 3x Cable Tidy Bases

Cable Tidy Wrap
Users simply wrap the Spiral around cables to give effective protection to cables. This versatile solution allows cables to enter or exit along the length, so making a popular option for us in tight spaces. Expands around bundles of cables up to 40mm diameter. Length 2m.

Cable Tidy Clips
Cable Tidy Clips have a low-profile design, being only 15mm width x 8mm depth – giving a smart appearance which can be ideal for tight spaces (and door frames for example). Self-adhesive PVC clips. Users can simply pull back the top cover to insert cables up to 7mm outer diameter, then release the cover to hold the cables. 20 pieces in polythene bag. Dimensions- (W) 27mm x (H) 15mm x(D) 8mm.

Cable Tidy Band
While commonly used as a reusable cable tie to secure cables to supports, this versatile hook & loop Band is.ideal for multi-purpose applications. Tested to hold up to 10kg with a 50mm overlap. Being 1.2m long enables users to cut strips to required lengths.

Cable Tidy Bases
Use Cable Tidy Bases to keep cables handy and in-reach, saving any need to pick-up fallen cables! Simply peel and stick to adhere Bases to smooth surfaces.They can hold in place cable(s), or other essentials up to 8mm diameter. Multi-purpose - use with cables, headphones, pens & pencils etc. Dimensions - 27mm diameter, 14mm high.

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