KITSOUND Earbud Ribbons White In-Ear Wireless Mic

Item number 573466

Stunning Sound
The Ribbons Wireless produce solid bass, balanced by sweet middle and high notes to create a complete and perfectly balanced sound for you to enjoy, all crafted by the 11 mm drivers. With five hours of play time to enjoy, as well as over one hundred hours of standby time, your music is never too far away.

Wireless Connectivity
Transform your listening experience by removing the excess wires that just get in the way. But don’t worry about the KitSound Ribbons Wireless earphones getting knotted up in your bag; the earbuds are magnetic so easily stick together, and the flat tangle-free cable keeps them ready to be used at any time. There’s even an in-line microphone to make call handling simple.

Stylish Design
It’s not just the fact that they are wireless that sets these earphones apart – there’s a whole host of neat design elements in each pair of Ribbons Wireless. They have a high quality finish and they come with small, medium and large silicone tips to give you the most comfortable fit.

The KitSound Ribbons Wireless
It’s no secret that at KitSound we’re serious about music, and by taking the Ribbons to the next level by adding Wireless connectivity, now you can be just as serious about your music.

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