Tura Group AB has acquired the Finnish brand Golla

An agreement has been signed where Tura Group AB (publ) “Tura” acquires 100% of the shares in the company Golla Oy “Golla”. The transfer took place on November 1, 2023.

It is a well-known brand that has now been acquired by Tura. Golla has for many years provided the market with primarily bags where the combination of fashion and functionality has been at the forefront.

For several years, Tura has distributed Golla in the Nordic market. With this acquisition, the business can now be scaled up together with our other proprietary brands, which are sold throughout the entire European market.

” For over 25 years, we at Golla have been developing unique and functional design products that appeal to people all over the world. Golla products have won various design awards and have been sold in over 100 countries worldwide over the years. Since our inception, we have focused our efforts on developing lifestyle bags for portable electronic products and have always been a leading brand in this field. We have been working with Tura for many years, and we are now very excited that Tura has chosen to acquire our company to further develop the brand," says Petri Kähkönen, owner and CEO of Golla Oy.

”We have been working with Golla for many years and have consistently been impressed by the multitude of innovations the company has introduced over all these years. Although the brand is not as well-known as it used to be, we see significant opportunities and are really looking forward to presenting an updated product range in the near future. For Tura, this also means adding another proprietary brand, which we will primarily sell throughout Europe," says Stefan Eriksson, CEO of Tura Scandinavia.

Tura paid EUR 1.00 for Golla, which at the time of the transaction had a net debt of approximately EUR 200K. Golla had a turnover of approximately EUR 200K in 2022 with a slightly negative result.

Tura believes that the brand's sales can multiply several times in the coming years and is expected to deliver profitability immediately.

The transfer took place on November 1, 2023.

The contact person for all matters related to this deal is Stefan Eriksson, phone number +4673-51 52 71, and email address stefan.eriksson@turascandinavia.com

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Tura Scandinavia AB

Stefan Eriksson
Chief Executive Officer

About Golla Oy

Golla Oy is a company specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality bags and accessories for portable electronic products as well as other lifestyle items. The company was founded in 1993 and has its origins in Finland. Golla is known for its unique and functional design, and its products have been popular among consumers worldwide.

The primary focus of Golla has been to create lifestyle bags and accessories suitable for carrying and protecting portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and cameras. Their products are designed with an emphasis on both functionality and aesthetics and have won several design awards over the years.

Over the years, Golla has established itself as a leading brand in its industry and has had a presence in over 100 countries worldwide. With over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing lifestyle products for portable electronic devices, Golla continues to be a trusted player in the market, offering consumers practical and attractive solutions for carrying and protecting their electronic products.

About Tura Scandinavia AB

Tura Scandinavia AB is a leading Nordic distributor primarily specializing in accessories for home electronics: audio, video, mobile, data, photography, TV, and gaming. In addition to this, a wide range of products in children's and baby items, as well as home and household products, is also distributed.

A significant portion of the business volume is comprised of products in photography and video for professional users, as well as equipment for the graphic industry.

The company aims to be the obvious choice for all customers when it comes to choosing a distributor. For our customers, we strive to be the best and most inspiring partner.

The company was founded in Gothenburg in 1976. The headquarters is located in Kungsbacka, with a logistics center in Nässjö, Sweden. Additionally, there are branches in Norway, Denmark, and Finland.