Since 2003, Desview is specialized in R&D, production and marketing including touch screen on-camera monitors, professional broadcast monitors, and carry-on monitors. 

With powerful functions, optimal design, and high quality, Desview's products have attracted a number of different buyers from all over the world.

4 products
DESVIEW Tele Prompter T2 Smartphone

Rec. price (incl. VAT) : € 119.00

Foldable Teleprompter T12


Foldable Teleprompter T12 101206

Rec. price (incl. VAT) : € 289.00

Teleprompter T3 Tablet 11", Smartphone

Rec. price (incl. VAT) : € 149.00

DESVIEW Teleprompter TP150 Display

Rec. price (incl. VAT) : € 319.00

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