SONY Optical Disk ODC-1500GB RW

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Sony ODC-1500R
Reliable and robust large-capacity media for Optical Disc Archive
The 1.5 TB capacity write-onceoptical disc cartridge works with the Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) dive unit to offer an alternative to LTO or traditional forms of data tape for the longer-term archiving of valuable assets. 

Low total cost of ownership
The Sony optical disc cartridges are designed and manufactured to extremely high specifications, offering very fast random access to all content and files. The innovative drive design provides for a ‘dual channel’ capability and, being file format independent, it can store your assets in a data file format. The system is ideal for a wide range of deep archive requirements as well as near-online news and sports clips requiring fast and random access to any files on the disc. Optical disc complements and co-exists in an established data tape archive strategy.

Ideal for deep archive and near-online archive
The Sony ODA system is ideal for deep archive for very long term archiving, such as broadcaster archives where data tape does not provide the assurance or meet the need for write-once, very long-term archive requirements. It provides second copy archive at a remote site and is ideal for business continuity/disaster recovery, post house and production back-up and for video, film and stock footage archives or national archives. The system can also be used for news and sports clips that need to be near-online and as an on-line browse and proxy clip store.

Capacity 1500GB 

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