• We kept things simple.
    Great mics at a great price. 

    The HC-15 and HC-22 are high-quality hypercardioid shotgun microphones. Both of these mics offer performance equal to or better than many of the more expensive professional microphones, while also offering a self-noise level lower than almost any equivalent sized shotgun mic at any price. 

    How did we do it? We kept things simple.

    The HC microphones are shipped with only a case — no mic clips, no foams, no other accessories. To reduce costs, we decided to minimise the packaging and shipping costs by not paying to send “air” across the world. We ask that you please find compatible Rycote foams, Softies, windshield kits, shock mounts and other accessories near you.

    Our new microphones were designed in-house and are made at Rycote in our factory in the U.K. As such, we are able to utilise much of our current manufacturing and testing resources we use to make other Rycote products. Therefore our investment costs for production was not as high as if we had started making mics from scratch. This combined with a modular material and components design allowed us to create two hypercardioid mics cost effectively and pass on more value to you.

  • How do they sound?

    So how do the microphones sound?  Well, that all depends on how you personally describe sound. 

    We’d say the HC mics are “precise”.

    In our words that means the microphones reproduce an accurate reflection of what is being recorded. We think the mics offer a crisp sound with some additional warmth. How warm will vary ear-to-ear but in our view the mics are somewhere in the middle — not quite as warm as a really warm mic and far from sounding sterile.

    Overall the HC shotgun mics are great all around and can be used on live broadcast, sound design, ENG, TV, cinema and field recording. 


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