SONY 1TB AXS memory card Slim A-Series, F55 RAW & X-OCN

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Sony 1TB AXS Memory A-Series Card

High Capacity & Fast Transfer Speeds
The AXS-A1TS48 has a capacity of 1TB and delivers write speeds of 4.8 Gb/s.

Less Power Usage
The AXS Memory A-Series uses less power and provides more effective ventilation compared to previous AXS generation.

Records 4K Raw and 2K Raw at Different Frame Rates
Record up to 120 minutes of 4K raw and 470 minutes of 2K raw video at 23.98 fps, up to 96 minutes of 4K raw and 378 minutes of 2K raw video at 29.97 fps, and up to 46 minutes of 4K raw and 188 minutes of 2K raw video at 60 fps.

4K & 2K Raw HFR Recordings
The AXS Memory A Series records High Frame Rate (HFR) video with up to 94 minutes of 2K raw at 120 fps, up to 62 min at 180 fps, up to 48 min at 240 fps, and up to 22 min of 4K raw at 120 fps.

Slim and Small Card Design
The AXS-A1TS48 is smaller and lighter than previous generation AXS cards and have dimensions similar to SxS cards.

For the for PMW-F55, PMW-F5, PXW-FS7 and NEX-FS700 2K/4K Raw Workflows
AXS Memory has a unique combination of capacity, sustained data throughput, security, and portability. It opens up a wide range of ways for end-users to work.

Works with the AXS-R7, AXS-R5 and AXS-CR1
The AXS-A1TS48 works with the AXS-R7 Portable Memory Recorder and AXS-R5 2K / 4K Raw Recorder. It also works with the AXS-CR1 USB 3.0 AXS Memory Card Reader using the AXS Memory Card Adapter.

Card Type AXS 
Storage Capacity 1 TB 
Data Transfer Write Speed: 4.8 GB/s Sustained 
Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F/ 0 to 40°C 
Storage Temperature -40 to 176°F/ -40 to 80°C 
Error Correction Yes 
Built-in Write-Protect Switch Yes 

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