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SIGMA har tilldelats EISA Awards 2019-2020

1. SIGMA 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports


SIGMA 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports är en unik 10x telezoom med en brännvidd upp till 600mm. Med en objektivkonstruktion av 25 element i 19 grupper kan konsekvent bildkvalitet skapas över hela zoomområdet. Detta objektiv innehåller också Intelligent OS med den senaste algoritmen, för att leverera en bildstabiliseringseffekt på 4 steg. HSM-motorn ger snabb och exakt autofokus. Väderbeständig konstruktion. Skulle du behöva ännu större räckvidd kan optiken kombineras med en av SIGMA:s telekonverterare.


2. SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports


SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports är det nya flaggskeppet som uppfyller kraven och behoven hos professionella fotografer. Dess optiska design ger en utmärkt upplösning från centrum till hörn samtidigt som kromatisk aberration elimineras. Den stora öppningen garanterar en jämn bokeh, perfekt för porträttfotografering. Med en damm- och stänkskyddad konstruktion kan den användas i utmanande förhållanden. Snabb och tyst HSM-motor och ett Intelligent OS ger skarpa bilder när du använder längre slutartider. Kompatibel med SIGMA USB Docka för anpassade inställningar.

Frågor gällande Sigma – kontakta
Juha Tegelholt
Brand Manager



Juli 2019


20/1.4 DG HSM ART
WE-Media (Kina), sammanfattat:
“Recently a we-media 20rmb shared a review video of 20mm F1.4 Art and how to it. This series video had good comments through several video platform and reach 3k hits. In the video, he mainly uses this lens to shoot the city scenery. He tested the resolution, distortion, dark light, and continuous shooting of the lens. 20mm performed well in all tests and became his top recommendation.”

35/1.2 ART, 45/2.8 ART & 14-24/2.8 ART
Cinema5D (USA), Info:
”SIGMA has officially added three new lenses to their already impressive lineup of full-frame primes and zooms: The A (as in ART) line of lenses now sports a new prime lens, the SIGMA 35mm F1.2 DG DN and a new zoom lens, the SIGMA 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN. Under their C (as in contemporary) line, SIGMA released the new 45mm F2.8 DG DN prime."

40/1.4 ART
Ms. Lin Liu (Kina), Test:
"Ms. Lin Liu won the first prize of SIGMA China Photography Competition this year. She will continuously write reviews for SIGMA this year. The following is an excerpt from her article: “SIGMA's Art series is fully capable of capturing the needs of commercial portraits, and its color reproduction and sharpness are very useful for the later stages. 40mm Art's lens, when shooting large scenes, the characters are not as easily distorted as 35mm. Under F1.8 aperture, we can clearly see the characters and backgrounds have perfect transition, and the bokeh is like cream.
The medium-length of 105mm slightly longer than 85mm makes the picture layered, from grass, people, woods to the far sky, and each layer is soft and natural. Combining 40mm Art with 105mm Art brings me a whole new shooting experience.”

28/1.4 ART + MC-21 & Panasonic S1
Mr. Mark James Ford (Tyskland), sammanfattat:
“On a full frame camera the SIGMA 28mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art lens produces magnificent results. This very modern homage to the days of analogue photography has very much “come of age” and sits as a very justified member within the Art series of lenses from SIGMA. Which lenses did I say I was going to take with me on my next field tour … ? Hmm, perhaps its time to think again …”

Mr. Xiaobai Gao (Kina) sammanfattat:
"for street scene, which can cover all the objects without distortion. The mount also has a dust-proof and drip-proof sealing rubber ring, which is very reliable for shooting out. In fact, the biggest feature of this lens is the large aperture + small macro 28mm can bring you a comfortable and familiar picture - more depth than the mobile phone perspective, better color performance and sharpness than the phone, especially at night, this lens allows me to easily press ISO to the controllable range. In short, this is an all-round humanistic street photography lens.”

Digital Trends (USA), Test:
”While not perfect, this is the best wide-angle prime I have used in recent memory, perhaps ever. The autofocus is quick and images are sharp where they should be, and beautifully soft where they shouldn’t be. It’s a classic focal length mated with a fast aperture that together make for a flexible lens that’s well suited for many tasks.”

PCMag (USA), Test:
”For the money, you get a lens that delivers strong sharpness, even when paired with a high-resolution system and shot at f/1.4. There's very little drop in quality at the edges of the frame, distortion is a nonissue, and stopping down a little bit nets even better resolution than you get wide open.”

35/1.4 DG ART
Mr. Tianhong Li (Kina), sammanfattat:
“The focus is accurate, and the defocusing is rarely seen when the light is very strong. The 35mm Art maintains a very high level image quality when the focusing distance is very close. Also the image will not be distorted.
The image quality is very good under dim light, and the bokeh on half-length portraits is also satisfactory. Its high resolution, fast focusing speed and high aperture will keep this lens having a strong vitality after tried and tested..”

45/2.8 DG DN ART
DPReview (USA), Info:
”Sigma's new 45mm F2.8 DG DN Contemporary lens is a compact, standard prime lens for full-frame Sony, Leica and Panasonic mirrorless cameras. The lens is just 46mm (1.8") long and weighs 215g (7.6oz), but still has a metal lens barrel and weather-sealing.”

85/1.4 ART
The Photographer (USA), Test:
”Just what is it going to take for some new lenses to break into the top 10? Will anything displace the stunning Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art from the number one spot?”

105/1.4 DG ART
Foto Cult (Italien), sammanfattat:
“The new Sigma 105mm f /1.4 DG HSM is an excellent lens, which has earned itself the rank of flagship in the Art series, especially within the ever-widening family with f/1.4 aperture. It is a lens for portrait, wedding or fashion professional photographers, who will also appreciate the convenience compared to similar lenses (of which there are none) of the various camera vendors. For amateurs it is perhaps a too expensive whim, but also a goal with which to measure one's own capability.”

14-24/2.8 DG HSM ART
“Recently he shared an online lesson of how to use 14-24mm F2.8 Art to shoot portrait at night. This series video had good comments through several video platform and reach 5k hits. In the text, let's summarize this teaching video:
1. Exposure to the face, the sky is overexposed
2. Metering the sky, the characters are not exposed
3. Add bare light to the characters, hard, and oily on the face
4. Add orange color film and softbox, the skin color turns yellow, but the sky is rich in details.
5. Adjust the white balance inside the camera to the tungsten light, the skin color balance is normal, and the sky is blue.
6. Take a super wide portrait with 14mm end, you can get a rich composition.”

14-24/2.8 DG DN ART
DPReview (USA), Test:
”The company calls it the 'definitive lens for astrophotography' and emphasizes its 'outstanding' resolution to the edges of the frame, achieved in part thanks to the inclusion of low dispersion elements and Sigma's Nano Porous Coating (NPC)."

70-200 SPORTS
Tutti Fotografi (Italien), sammanfattat:
“In the perception of the public, the Art series is synonymous of excellent quality, however even this telephoto lens is very performing: it responds well to all focal lengths, both on Full Frame and APS-C format.”

Mr. Cong Zhou (Kina), sammanfattat:
“The lens has a good sealing performance. It can protect the dust from intruding into the lens when it is used at high intensity. It can also protect against the rain.

When I reduce the aperture, I can still get a round and soft bokeh. Each bokeh spot is like blended together, there is no obvious boundary line, very dreamy. The color is very comfortable, when used on my Canon body, the color is very neutral unlike the old generation."

PC Mag (USA), Test: 
”You won't find a better 70-200mm f/2.8 near this price, which, along with an exceptional build quality, makes it our Editors' Choice.”

60-600 SPORTS
Mr. Jingwen Chen, (Kina), sammanfattat:
"1: Shooting wild animals, focusing accurately and quickly is very important, this lens can meet all your expectations.
2: The 60-600's extra long zoom length makes the composition easy.
3: Sharpness and color gradation are impressive.”

Juni 2019


24/1.4, 24-70/2.8 &  24-70/2.8 ART
Neeraj Bhateja(Indien), Test: Sammanfattat:

“Best Wide Prime: The Sigma 24mm f/1.4 HSM Art Lens is a heavy, sturdy lens perfect for focused, artistic shots.
Best Wide Zoom: At a reasonable $800, there’s little the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art can’t do.
Best Normal Zoom: The Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art features a flexible zoom and a variety of focal lengths making it adaptable to just about any shooting environment or project.

28/1.4 ART
Mr. Yue Qiu (Kina), sammanfattat:

“First, like other lens of SIGMA, the sharpness is extremely high.
Second, the purple fringe control is excellent, and the edge of the person in the backlight environment can not see the purple edge or the green edge.
Third, excellent workmanship, good protection, the above picture can be seen that many photos were taken in a light rain environment, I did not give any protection to the lens.
If you are a humanistic photographer who likes to shoot at night, in order to guarantee the shutter speed, the aperture value of F1.4 is obviously standard. However, compared to the 35mm focal length, the 28mm viewing angle allows you to get more easily compose, this lens is the best choice from recent production from all brands.”

35/1.4 ART
Neeraj Bhateja (Indien), Test: Sammanfattat:

"… I’d say the Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART lens is for creators who are looking for a good and reliable lens that wouldn’t cost them another camera like the Zeiss lenses and can survive in different climate conditions while delivering sharp and bokehlicious images and videos at the same time.”

40/1.4 ART
Mark James (Tyskland), Test: Sammanfattat:

“My photography is about getting the right result, from the right equipment, at the right time. Here was a lens that was beautifully built; a lens that sat and remained (thanks to the internal focus) very well balanced on the camera; a lens which simply seemed to personify the promised image quality.” …

“The clarity of colour and the wonderful structures on the surface of the water were again an opportunity for the lens to show it can capture exactly what I am looking to achieve. The results were excellent!”

Digital Photography School: Test:

“I can say for sure that it is one of the most astonishing photography lenses I have ever used.”

…If you’re looking for a lens that offers outstanding optical performance first and foremost and is designed to meet the needs of demanding photographers and videographers, then I don’t think I can recommend the Sigma 40mm f/1.4 Art highly enough.”

Mr. Haixing Mao, (Kina), sammanfattat:

“I think the 40mm Art is the best lens that works with the 85mm. The 40mm can take a very different angle of view than the 85mm, enriching the viewing angle of a group of portrait photos.

The high specification of the 40mm Art guarantees that the picture quality meets all my requirements, even at close focus, the image quality is still amazing.

The weight is a bit heavy, but the image is sharp with wonderful color, and the focus is quick and agile.”

85/1.4 ART
Engadget (USA), Test: Sammanfattat:

“The Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens is $600 less than Sony's G-Master FE 85mm f/1.4 model, but offers excellent performance, with tack-sharp, distortion-free optics--even wide open.”

70-200 SPORTS
Digital Photographer (England), Test: Sammanfattat:

“Image quality is spectacular, matching the Nikon for sharpness and contrast throughout the zoom range, even wide-open at f/2.8. An outright winner, it’s massively better than its predecessor, and not much more expensive to buy.”

Photoprofessional (Italien), sammanfattat:

“…it's not easy to choose, but the sigma 70-200mm stands out.

The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM is a more than seductive lens, but the new Sigma 70-200mm Sport offers an excellent image quality and all-round performance and it is sharper at both ends of the zoom when used with fully open aperture. Furthermore, it has more accurate and sophisticated functions and different opportunity of customization via USB Dock.…”


“The continuous evolution of a classic lens: for almost 30 years Sigma has been offering economic alternatives to the most widespread and appreciated professional tele zoom, but the latest edition of the 70-200mm f/2.8 - available in the Sport version - seems to have nothing to envy to original lenses”.

120-300 SPORTS
Yuankang Xu (Kina), sammanfattat:

“I thought that the non-original lens always focused a little slower than the original lens, but the first impression of the SIGMA 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports lens is that the focus is fast and accurate.
High level of optical performance and expressiveness, the photos are clear and sharp, and the background bokeh is soft like cream.
Rotating the zoom ring can adjust the focal length makes it easy to capture fast-moving subjects. The composition is much more convenient than the traditional 300mm lens, so it’s easy to capture the moment.”

60-600 SPORTS
Fotografi Magazine, (Italien), sammanfattat:

" …The resolution is very high, so much so that this zoom can be considered even better than 150-600mm, although the focal range is bigger; and these performances do not only concern the center, but also the edges. An amazing result.
If we really want to look for a weak point, there is a slight loss at 400mm at full aperture, but we close to f/8 to have a very high level. And the image is still good…”


Maj 2019


16/1.4, 30/1.4 & 56/1.4 CONTEMPORARY MFT
Joe Farace (USA), sammanfattat:

“My initial thoughts: Just picking them up and holding them in my paws it’s easy to see that these are impressively crafted lenses.”

40/1.4 ART
Ke Tan (Kina), sammanfattat:

1. good protection, suitable for travel shooting in small rain.​

2. the bokeh is perfect as circular spot, soft like cream, while the focus area is very clear and sharp. Also it can focus quick and accurate in dark light.​

3. 40mm F1.4 Art multi-layer coating, effectively reducing glare and ghosting.​

4. Distortion control and focal length angle are very suitable for shooting portraits.”

F Stoppers (USA), Video: Sammanfattat:

“The Sigma 40mm f/1.4 Art follows in the footsteps of many of the other Art lenses: stellar optical quality at a very reasonable price.”

50/1.4 ART
Mr. Lacomino (Italien), sammanfattat:

“The extraordinary image quality produced by the SIGMA 50mm f 1.4 lens is the ideal complement to the exceptional Sony α7rIII sensor, making incredibly detailed and perfect even 100% crop-like.​
Therefore, in every single photo there are tens of other potential cuts that are as valid as the original. Basically, the experience with SIGMA 50mm 1.4 Art was amazing. It is an impressive quality lens. In combination with an equally sensational body like Sony α7rIII, this lens gives the best, and is also capable of enhancing the excellent quality of the sensor more than any other lens I have tested.”

70/2.8 Macro ART
Fotosidan (Sverige), sammanfattat:

“Against SIGMA 70/2.8 Art we have set the Canon EF 100/2.8L IS Macro which is considered a very sharp lens. Here it turns out that SIGMA is even sharper, especially in the outward picture edges. Already at f/2.8, the SIGMA lens is very sharp and at f/4 to f/8 the sharpness is extremely good over the entire image surface. Superior Quality! SIGMA 70 mm f/2.8 DG Macro Art offers optical perfection and is well-built. This at a modest price. ​
But for nature and product photos it may be appropriate with longer focal length.”

85/1.4 ART
Cong Zhou (USA), sammanfattat:

“This lens has a very good bokeh ability, which is like a cream, and the focus part has a clear expression that like you can counting the hair. The anti-glare of the lens is very good under extreme backlight conditions, and it can shoot very beautiful backlit portraits.”

105/1.4 ART
Yan Shen (Kina), sammanfattat:

“Through the above actual comparison test, it is not difficult to see that both the Sigma 105 and the Nikon 105 are excellent 105mm portrait lenses. The Sigma 105 is superior to the Nikon 105 lens in the comparison of center image quality and bokeh test, while the Nikon 105 has a nano-coating that performs better in glare control.​
For users who need to purchase a 105 F1.4 lens, the price of SIGMA 105F1.4 Art's 8,500 yuan and the Nikon 105 F1.4E's 12,500 yuan can be chosen without thinking.”

135/1.8 ART
Linguang Jiang (Kina), sammanfattat:

“Thanks to HSM, the focus response is very fast, and it fits perfectly on my A9 body. Even in the dim scene, using continuous autofocus and eye-controlled focus mode, you can clearly find out The focus is tight on the model's eyes. The image of the 135mm F1.8 Art is very good, the bokeh part is very soft and natural. The aperture of F1.8 can effectively increase the amount of light entering, also the 82mm aperture can capture more details in low light conditions.”

24-70 ART
Digital Camera Magazine(England), Test
F Stoppers, (USA), Test

F Stoppers, sammanfattat:
“I fixed my gaze on a Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8. I saved up for it, bought it and can confidently say that it was the best return on investment I’ve had from a single piece of photography gear ever!”

70-200 SPORTS
PhotoPlus (England), Test
Kitzone (England), Test
Digital Photography (USA), Test
Digital Camera Magazine (England), Test

PhotoPlus (England), sammanfattat:
“...the new Sigma 70-200mm Sports lens delivers sumptuous image quality and all-round performance, and is sharper when shooting wide-open at both ends of the zoom. It has a more refined feature-set with customization options via the USB Dock. It’s also much less expensive to buy”

Digital Photography (USA), sammanfattat:
The Sport lenses are the incredible workhorses of the photography world (and deserve recognition). ​A big contender in the telephoto field, this lens may just be the top dog you didn't see coming.”

Shao Zhao(Kina), sammanfattat:

1. When you are in Dubai, even in rainy days and in the desert, you don't have to worry about the lens’s protection.​

2. Excellent anti-glare ability, even in the case of complete backlighting, the detail reduction is very impressive.​

3. Excellent fast focus which can help you capture shooting birds.​

4. Thanks to the addition of 10 excellent low-dispersion glasses, the dispersion phenomenon is basically corrected, and the image quality is also excellent when the aperture is fully open.​

5. In the dark environment, the 200mm imaging is still very sharp and clear.​

6. Can be used to shoot all topics.”

150-600 SPORTS
Ding Lu (Kina), Testbilder:

Pekka Vainio (Finland), sammanfattat:
“New SIGMA 60-600mm 4.5-6.3 S DG HSM are much better than the 150-600mm, because the longer zoom range new lens could be use from landscape photography to animal photography. Focus is very fast as in old version too. 60-600mm lens is more handy and better balance than in 150-600mm lens. Price is little pit higher, but worth it.”

60-600 SPORTS
Dpreview, (USA), Testbilder


Uppdaterad kompabilitet gällande uppdatering 18:e April 2019 för följande modeller:

100-400/5.3-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary

Förbättrad stabilitet i sökaren, vilket förenklar komposition.​
Även förbättrad kompabilitet med EOS R med EF-EOS R adapter,​
med ibland visad överexponering i området runt f/3.5

Länk finner du här:
Firmware - Nya


Uppdaterad kompabilitet gällande uppdatering 18:e April 2019 för följande modeller:
100-400/5.3-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary​

Förbättrad stabilitet i sökaren, vilket förenklar komposition.

Länk finner du här:​
Firmware - Nya

April 2019


16/1.4, 30/1.4 & 56/1.4 CONTEMPORARY SONY
Photolari (Spanien), sammanfattat:

“Now that the A6400 has been launched, we’d like to take the opportunity to settle, at least in part, one of our pending subjects: the scant attention we have paid to the SIGMA DN lens for cameras Sony-E and MFT. Not everything can be Art lenses and full-frame cameras.

And the truth is that after testing the 16mm, 30mm and 56mm F/1.4 DN lenses that compound this saga, we can only confirm all what we have heard. They are small,  very luminous, sealed and they have competitive prices between 300 and 450€ depending on the lens.

The 16mm F/1.4 DN (24mm equivalent) is the one we have used the most, but in fact, all of them share the same philosophy and high image quality, that as Sigma has always highlighted, it is pretty close to the Art lens quality.

At this point we have to use common sense, take out the calculator and see that, for example, right now we can buy a body A6300 (instead of the A6400) for 850€. This is 200€ less than the A6400, that even it may seem little, it can be used to pay half of the cost of the Sigma 16mm F/1.4 DN that we have liked so much.”

Résponses Photo (Frankrike), sammanfattat:

“That small tele objective lens for Sony E and Micro4/3 cameras is a little bit unusual : the lens belongs to the "amateur" line (even if SIGMA is telling us Contemporary line is not entry line), but it's very well built, and weather sealed. Also, its performance in the center are outstanding with awesome sharpness, on par with the best modern portrait lenses. But optical design is a science of compromise and there is another side to every coin. If corners are a little bit softer but still good, vignetting and distortions are both kind of left behind. Vignetting could be corrected easily, but distortion is more problematic because a correction means cropping into the frame.. also, it's very unusual on such a long lens. Asymmetrical optical design is probably the root of this issue. But all this is "forgotten" thanks to the very nice retail price, making this lens a very wise choice..”

16/1.4, 30/1.4 & 56/1.4 CONTEMPORARY MFT
David Thorpe (England), Video: Sammanfattat:

“At a time when Panasonic and Olympus prices seem to be going through the roof, here are a working set of unpretentious offering class-leading sharpness and speed at a reasonable price. If I were building a set of prime from new, I’d buy these.”

24/1.4, 35/1.4 & 50/1.4 ART SONY E-MOUNT
David Alitzer (USA), Video: ANY GOOD?

28/1.4 ART
Digital Photography School (USA), sammanfattat:

“Overall, I was very pleased with this lens. It is a good solid lens from the Sigma Art series and well worth the investment,
making it an ideal lens for street photography and wide-angle photography."

The Digital Picture (USA), sammanfattat:

“The most notable differentiator among the Art series prime lenses is the focal length. When 24mm is too wide and 35mm too long, the Sigma 28mm f/1.4 Art Lens is the right answer. With its superior image quality, the 28mm option will often be the best choice over the other two and over the competitor brands as well.”

Xiamming Yang (Kina), sammanfattat:

1.This lens is a little bit heavy, but when it is used to shoot portraits, the picture is impeccable.
2.The picture quality does not have any point to be picky, although there is a certain picture deviation in a certain angle.
3.If you are used to use the focal length of 35mm F1.4, then 28mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art will be a good substitute or complement.

40/1.4 ART
Le Monde De La Photo (Frankrike), sammanfattat:
“Sharpness had been reviewed on raw files from a D800 from Nikon and results are simply mind blowing. At 40mm, the whole frame, but extreme corners is, superlative as soon as F1.4. Stopped down at F2, corners go from excellent to superlative too. After F11, the lens suffer from too much diffraction and the lens become only very good at F16

F-Stoppers (USA), sammanfattat:
“The optical quality and autofocus performance from this lens was simply to die for. My favorite lens prior to testing this one was my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR. But Sigma's 40mm Art lens, in my opinion, blew it out of the water. Always tack sharp and quick to focus, I was never let down by this lens.
I personally don't peep pixels but know that anyone would be blown away if you were to do that with this Art lens. Lastly, the lens hood felt to be the same quality as the lens itself and it always felt secure and solid when attached to the lens.”

Better Photography (India), sammanfattat:
“The lens is an excellent choice for those who wish to have the best quality and optical performance. With incredible sharpness at its widest apertures, the lens is capable of capturing fantastic images, even in dimly lit conditions.

At this price, Sigma is certainly veering towards the more expensive price-to-performance bracket, making it a choice for the well-heeled high-end professional user, with a very specific level of image and video quality in mind. If you fall into this category, the Sigma 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art is a very worthy investment indeed

SLR Lounge (USA), sammanfattat:
“The lens takes excellent photos that are sharp, beautiful, and interesting. At f/1.4 the lens is tack sharp. There’s a cinematic quality to the photos it produces that’s hard to describe with words.”

G Style Magazine (USA), sammanfattat:
“What I immediately liked about this lens was the aperture and the bokeh that it produced when I was capturing photos.”

Cameralabs (Tyskland), sammanfattat:
“My testing revealed the optical performance of the Sigma 40mm f1.4 Art is near flawless making it one of the best in the Art line: It is very sharp across the full-frame sensor in close quarters and at longer distances, has almost no color aberrations and produces a nice soft Bokeh rendering the background pleasantly blurred. Plus its resistance against flare and glare in strong contra light is very good.”

Résponses Photo (Frankrike), sammanfattat:
“How to classify this lens ? Moderate wide angle or normal lens ? Its focal length isn't even exactly the halfway between 35mm and 50mm, not even the 35mm format diagonal (43mm). That kind of lack of choice can be considered by some people by a sign of versatility : only one foot behind or forward is required to get the good frame, without modifying the perspective. Everyone would be able to find interest in this lens then and this is not an issue at all. Build quality is definitely pro level and this lens screams mechanical quality. Performance are also over the top : sharpness is outstanding and chromatical aberration well controlled. This lens is better than both 35mm Art and 50mm Art.. already some of the finest lenses in their league. The only flow would be its flare resistance, as its a little bit prone to it. Luminous points in night photography, still sharp, can lead to the contrasted lowering. Ray lights can also sometime create ghost figures in the frame. The price could also appear to be disadvantageous (especially versus the 35 and 50 Art) but it's perfectly justified because of its performance..”

PCMag (USA), sammanfattat:
“Bottom Line: The Sigma 40mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens features a cinema-first design that will appeal to videographers, but photographers may want to opt for a lighter alternative.”

50/1.4 ART
Longbin Zhou (Kina), sammanfattat:
“SIGMA 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art: The aperture, bokeh and price of this lens make me very satisfied. The only shortcoming is the size and weight. Thanks to SIGMA for letting me experience the high-quality that the original brand can’t. The image quality taken by this lens has barely none differences from center to corner or F1.4 to F8, which is not available in several standard lenses I purchased before.”

70/2.8 Macro ART
Zheng Xigong (Kina), sammanfattat:
“The distance of 70mm is very suitable for shooting home stills, whether it is macro photography or environmental photos. In order to record pictures about our lives, in many cases you have to shoot in a complex light environment, this lens is still well performed in highlights and dark details. In the strong contrast of light and dark, it’s still able to maintain a delicate picture quality and perfect transform between light and shadow. In the clean and bright environment, this lens will show the delicate and details completely. Even under ISO 800, the picture quality is not reduced. There is almost no vignetting when the indoor light is not sufficient.

Xiadong (Kina), sammanfattat:
1. The photos taken by the Sigma camera are very appealing to me because of its true and delicate color.
2. There is almost no edge loss and distortion.
3. The white magnification mark is printed on the inner tube, which is very convenient.
4. The lens not only has a very good resolution for color, but also can make the dynamic smoke full of details.”

85/1.4 ART
F-Stoppers (USA), sammanfattat:
 “After loads of time spent with it, I can say that even now years later, the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art is still pretty much the king.”

G Style Magazine (USA), sammanfattat:
“The Sigma 105mm f/1.4 has a level of image quality that we just haven’t seen in other medium telephoto prime lenses. The colors are bright and accurate with no visible chromatic aberration or fringing. Vignetting isn’t an issue – in fact, we found the images we took to be sharp throughout the frame.

105/1.4 ART
F-Stoppers (USA), sammanfattat:
“I really do love this lens, it's the right balance of everything I have wanted. For a Sony user, this has to be considered as the top portrait lens, arguably better than the venerable 85mm.”

135/1.8 ART vs SONY ZA 135/1.8 & SONY FE 135/1.8 GM
VideoGoal (Kina), sammanfattat:
“- 135mm GM: When the Sony FE 135mm f/1.8 GM new lens was released, we did not expect this new lens to have such amazing performance. If the main camera you use is Sony and often shoots portrait, it is worth considering. Considering its pricing (it is currently the second most expensive 135mm lens, the most expensive is Zeiss Milvus), if you want to buy, the faith of believing Sony is still necessary.

- 135mm Art: The optical quality of SIGMA's 135mm f/1.8 Art is quite high. From our experience, if it is not the loss of image quality caused by the transfer (we used EF-mount lens), Sony FE 135mm f/1.8 GM may lose in the comparison. So if you are a Nikon, Canon SLR user, it is a very good choice.

- The ZA 135mm f/1.8 has been out for a long time. It has already had a gap with the other two lenses in the test of optical quality, but its style is very good and the picture quality is not too weak.”

14-24/2.8 ART 
NPHOTOGRAPHY (Italien), sammanfattat:
‘Performance at the highest level’
-Actually it is the best FX format wide-angle zoom lens on the market.

14-24 ART
Kaize Sun (Kina), sammanfattat:
“The aspherical lens effectively suppresses the distortion of the super wide-angle lens, the vignetting and the coma, especially when shooting the astro-photography, the edge of the SIGMA 14-24mm F2.8 Art is very good, the star point is round and full, and there is no cross point. The focus ring is wide and has moderate damping. It can accurately adjust the focus when performing manual focusing, and it will not worry that the damping will be too light and the focus ring will be accidentally defocused, which greatly facilitates astro-photography.

What is important is that the distortion control is very strong, so that it is not necessary to do a lot of distortion correction and liquefaction of the portrait in the later stage. The precise and high-speed focusing of the lens captures the performance and mood of the model. The details of the highlights and shadows are very good.”

24-70 ART
Xin Xue (Kina), sammanfattat:
1. It has many usage cover all scene shooting, can take a wide range of subjects, has excellent image quality, and has precise focus system.

2. Effectively eliminates chromatic aberration, and the distortion at the wide-angle focus length is also well controlled.

3. For me, the 24-70mm contains the usual 24mm, 35mm, 50mm focus length, and even the 85mm portrait.
    It is able to make the picture composition richer and more varied, and it is well deserved as the gold medal of daily lens.

4. SIGMA 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Art's closest focusing distance is 37cm, even stronger than the camera brand lens,
    which means you can still focus when the subject is very close.”

50-100 ART
Jipu She (Kina), sammanfattat:
“With the focal length of the SIGMA 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art lens, I was able to shoot small parts of this building.
SIGMA sd Quattro can directly adjust the various frame sizes and straight out the JPG color mode. After I use the custom shortcut mode, I can easily switch between them at any time, and express the ideas I got and change the composition. Thanks to the SIGMA 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM, F1.8 large aperture lens allows me to take a relatively safe shutter at the right distance when shoot kids or small animals” he wrote in the article.”

70-200 SPORTS
Dustin Abbott (2 Videos) First Look, Image Quality

Dimensional Shooting, (Kina), sammanfattat :
1. Can be used in All-weather, shooting in all weather conditions.
2. Supports edge focus and the image was very sharp.
3. The focus is still clear in low light conditions, and the shutter speed is clear at 1/13s.
4. The quality is impressive, the image quality level is high, the only drawback is that it is slightly heavier.”

Chasseurs D ´Images (Frankrike), sammanfattat:
“Sharpness is excellent in the center at every length open wide. Angles are a little bit softer at 90mm and 160mm (Still better than very good). Image quality is very homogeneous at every other focal length. As soon as F4, image become homogeneous where it wasn't at F2.8.

Vignetting is visible between 135mm and 200mm open wide but is gone as soon as F5.6. Distortion is very light and won't be an issue. Chromatic aberration is invisible.
Optical correction could be activated through the camera if you are a Canon user, Nikon user will be able to do this through a post process soft.

That 70-200mm is excellent and on par with its competitors.
”CONS - Soft result at the extreme edges with the maximum aperture and 600mm focal length.”

“The first image of this lens was sharp image details! Maintains uniform resolution from center to edge.
Secondly, it is excellent maneuverability. Whether it is a multi-function lever on the mirror, high-speed precision autofocus capability or optical anti-shake function that greatly increases the shutter rate, it brings me a comfortable and smooth shooting experience, which can make me focus on brainstorming, communication, and other things.
The third feeling is heavy. Although there are some burdens for carrying the lens, it is related to the luxurious materials and strong protection of the lens, and these are directly reflected in the quality of the image.”

PHOTOGRAPHY LIFE (USA), sammanfattat:
“The Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 HSM DG OS Contemporary marks an important release for wildlife and nature photographers looking for a budget-friendly option that gets them to the 400mm focal length. With its $698 price tag so close to most consumer-grade 70-300mm zoom lenses, the choice comes down to whether you want the extra 100mm at the telephoto end – and in most cases, the answer is an unequivocal yes.”

150-600 SPORTS
CEWE FOTOLAB (Tjeckien), sammanfattat:
“Sigma 150-600mm f / 5-6.3 DG OS HSM SPORT has sharpen my preconceptions to zoom lenses of this range. Execution is absolutely excellent, exceeding its class. Together with the picture quality, it is a ticket for photographing wild animals, without spending an optical element ruining the family budget. The advantage is total flexibility and versatility, which is redeemed by weight and lightness. With your money, you get a durable and durable product with enormous value, equipped with precise and consistent focusing that you can rely on. For those looking for a long-range lens, this product can only be recommended, as there is a very good price performance ratio.”

DONGFANG (Kina), sammanfattat:
“From the picture, it is certain that Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM (S version) focusing speed and continuous tracking ability, fully meet the demand, taking a picture of flying birds is also not a problem, you can even counting the number of the feather.”

60-600 SPORTS
FOTO CULT, (Italien), sammanfattat:

- Tropicalized and robust construction

- Very good sharpness, also at the maximum focal length

- Silent, fast and fluid autofocus in AF-C Mode

- Well-managed backlight

- Not bad bokeh, excellent with low contrast backgrounds

- Good control of the distortions and vignetting

- Very good stabilization

- Customization of many parameters through USB Dock


- Soft result at the extreme edges with the maximum aperture and 600mm focal length.”

PHOTO PROEFSSIONAL (Italien), sammanfattat:
“Supertele and superzoom: the news is not in the increase in focal length compared to the previous 50-500 mm, but in the enormous improvement in structure, functions and performance. It is a huge and bulky, but extremely versatile lens.”


Uppdaterad kompabilitet gällande uppdatering 16:e Januari 2019 för följande modeller:

17-70/2.8-4 DC Macro Contemporary
18-35/1.8 DC Art
18-200/3.5-6.3 DC Macro Contemporary
50-100/1.8 DC Art
Kompatibilitet med EOS R´s 1.6x beskärning med automatik samt med ”Scene Intelligent Auto Mode”

100-400/4-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary
Åtgärder följande:
Problemet med omstart av kamera med OS-funktionen i gång, även problemet samt problem med AF-funktion vid video.

Länk finner du här:
SIGMA Optimization Pro


30mm f/1.4 DC HSM Art för EOS
- Kompabilitet med Canons Aberrations Kontroll
- Förbättrad noggrannhet för AF- vid live-view
- Kompatibel med EOS R med EF-EOS R adaptern och 1,6x beskärning med automatik, även i Intelligent Motivvals-läge

85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art för EOS
- Problemet med EOS R med EF-EOS R adaptern som kan visa överexponering från bländare f/8 och uppåt i värde.

Kompatibla modeller:
- EOS R*
- EOS 1DX Mark II
- EOS 5Ds/EOS 5DsR/EOS 5D Mark IV
- EOS 6D Mark II
- EOS 80D/EOS 8000D
- EOS 9000D
- EOS Kiss X8i/EOS Kiss X9i/EOS Kiss X9

Länkar finner du här:
Firmware - Nya


- 30/1.4 Art - Kompabilitetsproblem
- 85/1.4 Art - Kompabilitetsproblem
- 24-70/2.8 Art - Kompabilitetsproblem
- 120-300/2.8 Sports - Kompabilitetsproblem
- 60-600 OS Sports - Kompabilitetsproblem
- 150-600 OS Contemporary – Kompabilitetsproblem

Blixtexponering med SONY´s blixtar för följande objektiv:
- 17-70 C
- 18-200 C
- 18-300 C
- 24-70 Art
- 24-105 Art
- 50-100 Art
- 70-200 Sports
- 100-400 Contemporary
- 120-300 Sports
- 60-600 Sports
- 150-600 Contemporary & Sports
- 70/2.8 Art
- 85/1.4 Art
- 105/1.4 Art
- 135/1.8 Art
- 500/4.5 Sports

Länkar finner du här:
Firmware - Nya

Mars 2019


14-24/2.8 ART: NPHOTOGRAPHY (Italien), sammanfattat:
‘Performance at the highest level’
-Actually it is the best FX format wide-angle zoom lens on the market.

28/1.4 ART: Photoyodobashi (Japan, Testbilder) SLR Lounge (USA, Test), sammanfattat:
The Sigma 28mm 1.4 Art is an incredible lens. It’s sharp, wide, produces beautiful bokeh, and focuses quickly and accurately. With every lens Sigma releases they seem to get better. Time will tell if the autofocus on this lens will hold up, but I see no sign of problems at this point. I recommend this lens for anyone wanting a wide angle lens that offers something different than the typical 24mm or 35mm lenses. Personally, I’m considering consolidating my kit by selling both my 24mm and 35mm and picking this one up instead.

40/1.4 ART: THE STRAIT THEMES (Singapore), sammanfattat :
“Overall, this is one amazing prime lens. In fact, it is easily one of the sharpest lenses I have tested.”

70-200 SPORTS: SHUTTERBUG (USA, Test), sammanfattat :
 “Taken as a whole, sharpness, color fidelity and image contrast were superb. Image Stabilization was completely effective and the AF was fast and quiet. In a nutshell, nothing was left wanting.”

Dimensional Shooting, (Kina), sammanfattat :
1. Can be used in All-weather, shooting in all weather conditions.
2. Supports edge focus and the image was very sharp.
3. The focus is still clear in low light conditions, and the shutter speed is clear at 1/13s.
4. The quality is impressive, the image quality level is high, the only drawback is that it is slightly heavier.”

dpreview “SIGMA has done more fore enthusiast APS-C than Canon, Nikon & SONY combined” (artikel)
“I'd argue that Sigma has done more to support APS-C as an enthusiast format than the big camera makers have. Sigma deserves credit not just for its commitment but also for its innovation.”



Uppdaterad kompabilitet gällande uppdatering 16:e Januari 2019 för följande modeller:

17-70/2.8-4 DC Macro Contemporary
18-35/1.8 DC Art
18-200/3.5-6.3 DC Macro Contemporary
50-100/1.8 DC Art
Kompatibilitet med EOS R´s 1.6x beskärning med automatik samt med ”Scene Intelligent Auto Mode”

100-400/4-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary
Åtgärder följande:
Problemet med omstart av kamera med OS-funktionen i gång, även problemet samt problem med AF-funktion vid video.

Länk finner du här:
SIGMA Optimization Pro



24-70mm f/2.8 ART NIKON F-MOUNT – Okt 2018
Att kameran visar överexponering runt f/5.6

Tillse att USB-dockan har Firmware 1.5.0 eller senare

Länk finner du här:
SIGMA Optimization Pro


MC-11 för EOS-Mount
Kompabilitet med:
17-70/2.8 DC Contemporary
18-35/1.8 DC Art
18-200/3.5-6.3 DC Contemporary
50-100/1.8 DC Art
100-400/5-6.3 DG Contemporary

Länk finner du här: Firmware - MC-11



Februari 2019



“28mm focal length although is not wider than 24mm that is very popular wide angle lens in digital era, it would also attract the photographer who don't like exaggerated wide-angle perspective distortion and loves snap shot in the street, especially whom used the film camera before. All photos were shot with F1.4 the largest aperture, whole of the image including the edge of the picture is sharp and excellent. From the picture of the building, distortion is less. And from the picture of the portrait, we can see the lens can create very amazing bokeh effect. AF is also very fast and accuracy. It is not only suitable for snap shot but also for landscape and architecture photography.”


40/1.4 ART: Kinesiskt (Dimensional Shooting) sammanfattning:

  1. The shooting test shows that in the light rain environment, no protective shooting is completely OK, the design of the apron makes the protection very good, and the stability of using with Z7 is excellent.​

  2. The edge quality is sharp and clear, I feel that 4600W pixels are not fed enough SIGMA.​​

  3. Fully meet the ZEISS Otus level standard.​​

  4. Small aperture diffraction effect control is very good, image quality under F1.4 and F8 is almost the same.​​

  5. Thanks to the cine lens technology, this lens has weak breathing effect, small dispersion which is perfect.”

56/1.4 ART: Kinesiskt, sammanfattning:

“The lens is light and he felt very balance when it was attached with Olympus OM-D E-M5. Although minimum focal length is 50cm, it can capture the detail of the little object that means it can be used for close-up shooting. AF is fast and accuracy. The fast moving taxi can be frozen on the lighting area of the bridge. In cooperated with the stabilizer of the camera, he successfully used 1/5 second of shutter speed to shoot night scene with hand-held.”

105/1.4 ART: PCMag (USA) & For The Love of Bokeh (USA)​

12-24/4 ART: FOTONEWS (Italy), sammanfattning:

“Taking pictures with an ultra wide-angle lens is necessarily a conscious choice. It is rightly chosen for the landscape. While you do not choose logic for portraits. Unless you want to get a very particular yield, useful for catalyzing the attention of the observer. Also choosing the Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM/Art is a conscious choice. It is very heavy, it is delicate because of the enormous front lens, but at the same time it guarantees an unthinkable yield for a zoom that starts from just 12mm.”

14-24/2.8 ART:, Pris för:​ ”BÄSTA VIDVINKELZOOM 2018”

24-105/4 ART: Kinesiskt, sammanfattning:

"The image quality of this lens is excellent in all focal lengths and is the best choice for similar products. And because it can zoom, you don’t need to bring heavy equipment for shooting task."

70-200/2.8 SPORTS: Tech Radar (UK) & DCFever (Testbilder) (Hong Kong)

60-600/4.5-6.3 SPORTS: Wildlife Photography (USA) & Photographer Magazine (UK)


Kompabilitet & information hittar du här:​ CANON EOS R – INFO​​​

Allmänt = Som vanligt med SIGMA-objektiv + Canons Adapter EF-EOS R med några undantag:​​
- Digital Lens Optimizer = Fungerar inte = Ställ i läge (OFF)​
- ​DC-Objektiv = Ställ 1.6x Crop Manuellt


70mm f/2.8 ART E-MOUNT – Dec 2018 ​
Åtgärder:​ ”Clear Image Zoom Funktion” =  kameran kan användas​


MC-11 för EOS- samt SIGMA-Mount​
Åtgärder:​ Kompabilitet med AF70-200 Sports​​

Länk finner du här:​ Firmware - MC-11

70-200 Sports​ tillgång

IGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports NIKON ​

NIKON-versionen börjar skeppas från Japan 15:e Februari​


Januari 2019







14-24/2.8 ART: FOTOSIDAN


24-70/2.8 ART: TESTBENCH




70mm f/2.8 ART E-MOUNT – Dec 2018
”Clear Image Zoom Funktion” =  kameran kan användas

Software uppdatering

SIGMA Optimization Pro (SOP) Ver. 1.5. – Dec 2018

Nytt 1.5 Windows
Lagt till ”AF function button setting” i ”Customization Menu”
Möjliggör flera funktioner för AF-knapp på 70-200 Sports, (endast för SIGMA- och NIKON)

EOS justeras via kompatibelt kamerahus

Nytt 1.5 Macintosh
Lagt till ”AF function button setting” i ”Customization Menu”
Möjliggör flera funktioner för AF-knapp på 70-200 Sports, (endast för SIGMA- och NIKON)

EOS justeras via kompatibelt kamerahus
Mac OS Mojave (10.14) = Kompatibel
64 bit OS = Kompatibel
Kinesisk meny = Korrigerad

70-200 Sports

SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports:

A notice regarding the supply situation of

SIGMA and Canon mount lenses

Thank you very much for your continued patronage to SIGMA products.

We regret to inform you that due to the unexpectedly high number of orders of the SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports (for SIGMA and Canon), planned for release in December 2018, the production facility has not been able to keep up with the initial demand. In this circumstance, there may be delay of delivery to some customers.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused for all customers and related parties who have been waiting for the delivery of the product. We are working to fulfil requirements as soon as possible, and would appreciate your patience and understanding very much.

Product: SIGMA 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports

Barcode: SIGMA: 0085126 590567
Canon: 0085126 590543
Launching date of Nikon is not determined yet.