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Unprecedented power and flexibility for high-end productions
Building on the worldwide success of Sony’s long-established XVS switcher family, the flagship XVS 9000 addresses the requirements of advanced 4K, HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) productions.
The XVS-9000 expands 4K production capacity, offering more inputs and outputs plus new 4K 3D DME capabilities. Advanced IP and SDI interfaces are compatible with the full XVS switcher line-up. Optional 100G IP interface boards support SMPTE ST 2110 standards, both in 4K and HD in a single stream, while 12G SDI interface boards increase flexibility further by enabling IP/SDI hybrid operation.
The modular design of the ICP-X7000 assignable control panel (available separately) allows highly flexible configuration to suit a wide range of operational needs.

Ready for IP Live
A core component of Sony’s IP Live production system, the XVS-9000 supports the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of open standards for professional media over managed IP networks, enabling a mixed IP and SDI production environment. 100G IP boards support 4K and HD in a single stream, with on-board format conversion offered.

12G-SDI interfaces
The XVS-9000 supports 12G-SDI interfaces functioning on-board format conversion for incoming and outgoing video signal to offer greater options for applications such as in-house studios, OB vehicles and flypacks.

Powerful 4K production capabilities
4K production capabilities include 5 M/E, 80 inputs, 40 assignable outputs for 4K and format converter outputs, plus up to 10 full keyers and 10 sub keyers, enabling simultaneous 4K and HD operation. Key freeze is a new feature in 4K to store a still image in a 4K full keyer. With the optional mix effect board XKS-8215 the number of full keyers can be increased up to 20.

4K 3D Digital Multi Effects (DME)
The newly developed 4K DME board option offers up to 4 channels of floating 4K 3D DME capability. This 4K DME board can also be configured with the XVS-8000 and XVS-7000 switchers (up to 2 Ch), and the XVS-6000 switcher (1 Ch).

Evolutionary switcher controller
The XVS-9000 utilises the ICP-X7000 X-Panel for flexible panel configuration with a modular style design, OLED display, RGB XPT buttons and LCD button pad, with a redesigned button layout. The X-Panel has a flexible mounting style for flat or curved mounting, or for splitting into two positions.

Switcher processor options

Multi-format Switcher Processor
• XKS-S9112 - 12G-SDI Input Board
• XKS-S9167 - 12G-SDI Output Board
• XKS-C9111 - 100G IP Input Board
• XKS-C9121 - 100G IP Input and Output Board
• XKS-8210 - Mix Effect Board
• XKS-8215 - Mix Effect Board
• XKS-8440 - Frame Memory Board
• XKS-8460 - Format Converter Board
• XKS-8470 - HD DME Board
• XKS-8475 - DME Board
• XZS-9510 - Switcher Upgrade Software (4K Upgrade for 1st ME Board)
• XZS-9520 - Switcher Upgrade Software (4K Upgrade for 2nd ME Board)
• XZS-9530 - Switcher Upgrade Software (4K Upgrade for 3rd ME Board)
• XZS-9540 - Switcher Upgrade Software (4K Upgrade for 4th ME Board)
• XZS-9550 - Switcher Upgrade Software (4K Upgrade for 5th ME Board)
• XZS-9200 - Multi Programme 2 Software

Switcher Control Panel

ICP-X7000 Series
• MKS-X7011 – Menu Panel
• MKS-X7017 – 36 XPT Module
• MKS-X7018 – 28 XPT Module
• MKS-X7019 – 20 XPT Module
• MKS-X7020 – Standard Transition Module
• MKS-X7021 – Simple Transition Module
• MKS-X7023 – Key Transition Module
• MKS-X7024 – FlexiPad Module
• MKS-X7026 – 10-key Pad Module
• MKS-X7031TB – Track Ball Module
• MKS-X7032 – Key Fader Module
• MKS-X7033 – Utility/Shot Box Module
• MKS-X7035 – Key Control Module
• MKS-X7040 – Blank Panel (1/3)
• MKS-X7041 – Blank Panel (1/2)
• MKS-X7042 – Blank Panel (1/6)
• MKS-X7075 – Extension Adapter
• PWS-110SC1 – Switcher Control Station

Aux Bus Remote Panel

• MKS-R1620 – 16 Button Remote Control Panel
• MKS-R3210 – 32 button Remote Control Panel

Device Control Unit

• MKS-X2700 – System Interface Unit
• MKS-X7700 – System Interface Unit
• MKS-X7701 – Tally/GPI Output Board
• MKS-X7702 – Serial Interface Board

Virtual Shot Box Software

• BZPS-7020 - Virtual Shot Box Base Software
• BZPS-7021 - Virtual Shot Box Additional Software

Virtual Menu

• BZPS-7030 - Virtual Menu Base Software
• BZPS-7031 - Virtual Menu Additional Software

Virtual Panel

• BZPS-7040 - Virtual Panel Base Software
• BZPS-7041 - Virtual Panel Additional Software

SNMP Agent Software

• XZS-C91SN – ST2110 SNMP Agent Software

Power requirements 100 to 240 V ± 10% AC 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 42 A to 17.7 A (when equipped with all installable option boards)
Operating temperature 5ºC to 40ºC (41ºF to 104ºF)
Performance guaranteed temperature 10ºC to 35ºC (50ºF to 95ºF)
Storage temperature - 20ºC to 60ºC (- 4ºF to 140ºF)
Operating humidity 10% to 90%
Dimensions (W/H/D) (excluding projections) 440 x 665 x 582.9 mm
Mass Approx. 92 kg (when equipped with all installable option boards)

Remote Control Connector
NETWORK (MVS LAN) RJ-45, complies with 1000BASE-T standard
NETWORK (UTL LAN*) RJ-45, complies with 1000BASE-T standard
GPIO GPI D-sub 25-pin, female
Relay contact outputs: 4 (30 V AC/DC, 0.1A)
Open collector outputs: 4

Reference Input
REF IN BNC type, 75Ω with loop-through output
HDTV systems: HD tri-level sync / SDTV analog black burst / SDTV analog sync

AC Input
AC IN A, B, C, D, E, F 3-pin AC connector

Maximum number of inputs BNC (x 160) for primary inputs**
Maximum number of outputs BNC (x 80) for outputs** 
BNC (x 16) for format converter outputs/Multi Viewer (4CH)**

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