CAME-TV WAERO Duplex Digital Wireless Headset, 3-pack, case

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CAMETV WAERO Duplex Digital Wireless Headset, 3-pack, hardcase

  • Move the microphone arm up to mute and down to talk
  • The headset is is foldable
  • 300m Range in Open Space
  • Comes in a durable hardcase

Provides hands-free simultaneous talk communication
The Waero headsets are self-contained headphones, which links up to 9 users. 

Eliminates the need for wired headphones and belt-worn radios
The Waero headsets can work without a base station because they have built in transceivers.

With 12-15 hours of talktime they let you work, talk, and listen simultaneously
These self-contained, full duplex intercom headsets provide 2-way voice communication, allowing you to talk and listen while working at the same time.

What's included
Master headset x1
Remote headset x2
Battery x3
Hardcase x1
Charger x1

Product specifications
Standard:    DECT technology, GAP compatible
Range:    1200ft (366 Meters) open space
Talk Time:    12-15 Hours;
Channel Bandwidth:    1.728 MHz
Modulation Type:    GFSK
Transmission Speed:    1.152 Mbps
Duplex Operation:    Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Speech Coding:    ADPCM transcoder supports up to 8 duplex 32kbs channels, fully compliant with ITU G.726
Frequency Bands:    1.78-1.93G

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