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BLACKMAGIC Universal Videohub Optical Interface

Item number 60014356

Universal Videohub Optical Fiber Interface
• Compatible with Videohub 72 & 288 Frames
• 4 Inputs & Outputs
• 4x Deck Control
• Built-in SDI Reclocking

The Universal Videohub Optical Fiber Interface is a hot-swappable card module designed for use with the Videohub 72 and 288 rack frame routing switchers. It includes 4 inputs and outputs as well as a port for remote control of up to 4 decks. Other features include built-in SDI re-clocking, SD/HD/3Gbps auto-switching, 1310nm laser drivers, and receivers with a 25km range at 3Gbps.

Technical data:
Fiber I/O LC type fiber optic connectors

Only single-mode LC type fiber optic cables are recommended for all fiber optic connections featured

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