GEN ENERGY Battery G-B100/290W 290Wh/ 20Ah 15A

Item number 60007005

G-B100/290W 15A V-MOUNT Battery

  • Biggest power min. 180W can be supplied. ( 15A x 12V = 180W)
  • It is the max. power through current standard v mount pin on the market.
  • Min. 180W will give you relief on your mind when you use various equipment during shooting.
  • D-tap has the biggest power also, 12A  144W.
  • These days multi D-tap is getting more and more popular, so this 144W D-tap will be enough.
  • Shock-proof, Short-proof, Lowest impedance.


  • Do not use the battery (Main, D-Tap, USB) when charging. In this case, it may cause charging failure or damage the charger.
  • Fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.
  • When you charge the battery, the battery capacity LED measuring button lights up and indicates the capacity being charged.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have a low self-discharge, so it is recommended to charge before use.


  • Do not use the battery (Main, D-Tap, USB) when charging. In this case, it may cause charging failure or damage the charger.
  • The camera's low voltage alarm is recommended to set 13 ~ 13.5V
  • The battery stops at 12V to extend its service life. * Microwave transmitters with 5W outputs or above should be kept as far away from the battery. It may interfere with or stop supplying power.
  • Be sure to remove the battery from the unit after use. If not, it will consume great standby power, and protection against overcharging can be enabled.
  • USB is activated by pressing the battery capacity LED button. The USB power is turned on automatically 30 minutes after no use.
  • The battery operating time is reduced when operating below or above the recommended temperature range.

Type: V-MOUNT Battery
Cell Chemistry: Li-ion
Normal voltage: DC 14.4V
Capacity: 20Ah
Charging voltage: 16.8V
Charging current: Max. 6A
Max. discharge rate: 15A
D-Tap Output normal voltage: 14.4V
Max. load: 12A
USB output voltage: DC 5.0V
Max. load: 2.3A
Automatic switch-off: 30 minutes after use
End voltage: 12V
Battery protection circuit: overcharge, overcharge, overcurrent (cell and package separately), for high temperature, reverse charge
ambient temperature
To charge: 10 ° C ~ 30 ° C recommended
To discharge: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C, 10 ° C ~ 40 ° C recommended
Storage: `-20 ° C ~ 40 ° C (<85% RF) (less than 1 month)
Dimensions: 97 (W) x 146 (H) 78 (D) mm
Weight about 1520 g 

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