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RYCOTE Single Lyre 82 19/25 Pair, Stereo Risers

Item number 60036107

Rycote 2x universal lyre, 82 shore, suspension upgrade kit with stereo risers

The patented lyre are extremely robust, and virtually unbreakable, as they do not use no elastic or rubber components which are prone to wear and tear. These completely backward compatible lyre have replaced the original silicone O-rings suspension, and can be bought separately to upgrade older suspensions.

The lyre has been enhanced further with a soft-grip internal surface on the mic clip. The soft-grip helps prevent the mic twisting or slipping, and stops the clip scratching the surface of the microphones which are powder-coated. The standard individual lyres are available in three different hardness' which allow users to choose a soft more compliant suspension for light, short microphones or stiffer hardness for longer microphones.

The different hardness' can be easily identified by their colour combinations. The lower the number, the softer the shore hardness. So 62 shore is softer that a 72 shore, and a 82 shore is the stiffest Rycote makes.

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