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RYCOTE Suspension Large XLR-3F 68 Duo Heavy

Item number 60036082

Suspension Large (XLR-3F) 68 Duo Heavy is suitable for shotgun mics in a Windshield 6 no longer than 400mm and 19-34mm diameter with a 3 Pin XLR.

Patented Lyre suspensions provide complete isolation against handling noise whilst safely gripping the microphone

Our new small and medium modular bars are now more durable and less prone to wear and tear.

Comfortable pistol-grip handles allow handheld use, but also have a 3/8" boom adaptor in the base for quick transfer boom operation

1 x Connbox CB1 (XLR-3F) 016901
1 x XLR Holder MK II 048493
1 x Boom Poles Adaptor 048402
1 x Pistol Grip Handle with Lever 048401
2x Duo-Lyre 68 (19/34)
2x Single Lyre 82 (19/25) (as spare) 
1 x Large (3-Module) Bar
1 x Hex Head Key 

Bar: Large 3 module (240mm length)
Lyres Fitted: 2x Duo-Lyre 68 (19/34)
Lyres as Spare: 2x Single Lyre 82 (19/25) 
Connbox: CB1 (XLR-3F)

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