BLACKVUE Bilkamera 590 DR590-2CH 16GB Nordic

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Dual Dashcam 590 DR590-2CH 16GB

  • Both the front and rear camera are recording in Full HD 1080P
  • Night Vision provides outstanding videos, even in low light
  • Loop recording and adaptive format-free technology
  • Automatically switches to parking mode*
  • 6 meter cable included

Easy-to-use dual-car camera with Full HD
Excellent double full-HD quality in a small format, with Sony's STARVIS ™ image sensor in the front camera for better brightness in low light. DR590-2CH records both front and rear or inside your vehicle in Full HD 1080p.
The DR590-2CH protects your car without being hidden behind your rear view mirror.

Dual Full-HD Car Camera @ 30fps
The DR590-2CH records full HD 1080p video at the front and back of your car at 30 frames per second, at a 139 degree wide angle. With the Sony STARVIS image sensor, you get a great picture quality day and night.
STARVIS is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

Built-in shock & impact detection
While driving, your BlackVue detects bumps and sudden velocity changes. While parked, it also detects movements *. Video files are selected so you can easily find the relevant ones in BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS.

Blackvue viewer (Windows / Mac) manages your video files
BlackVue Viewer is free to download and use. This allows you to easily change your BlackVue configuration settings. Shows the video chronologically and by type (Normal / Event / Parking) to quickly identify and archive important images.

Loop recording and adaptive format-free technology
Loop Recording: DR590-2CH records the oldest video files only when the microSD card is full, in a seamless loop.
Adaptive Format-Free Technology: Your BlackVue saves and organizes files on the microSD card in a very efficient way. It reduces the need to format the card and prevents file corruption even after multiple writing cycles.

External GPS (optional)
The external GPS receiver (about 1 meter) adds location and speed data to your videos.
Speed: Speed ​​data is superimposed in the video (can be turned off in settings).
Location: You can visualize the location of your vehicle on the BlackVue Viewer's Map during video playback.

Mic on / off and format button
The DR590-2CH has a physical button to turn on and off audio recording directly.
A long press of the button can also be used to format the microSD card without the need for a computer.

The SONY Starvis difference
The Sony STARVIS ™ image sensor like the DR590-2CH is equipped with outstanding performance even in low light. In addition, the Night Vision, which can be activated from the settings, further enhances information in dark environments.
Even with Night Vision OFF, the STARVIS sensor exceeds standard CMOS sensors as you can see in the comparison images below:

Parking mode monitoring*
Rest easy, knowing that your car is being monitored while you are away. BlackVue automatically switches to Parking Mode to monitor you parked vehicle, but only writes to the memory card when something happens (motion or impact detected), which has two benefits:
- Less chance that important files are overwritten during long parking modes.
- Extended memory card length in the long run.

(*) For parking mode recording, an external power pack (Power Magic Battery Pack) or Power Magic Pro (Power Magic Pro) kit is required.

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