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1 October 2021

Tura Scandinavia has acquired parts of the business in Isolda AB

The operations of Isolda AB in terms of consumables in the field of ink and toner were acquired on 1 October 2021, by Tura Scandinavia. This means that suppliers, brands, warehouses, and parts of the staff have been transferred to Tura Scandinavia. With this, Tura Scandinavia strengthens its position as one of the nordic region's leading distributors of accessories in consumer electronics.

Ink and toner are something that has long been lacking in the product portfolio at Tura Scandinavia. Almost all customers currently work with this type of products, and many are calling for solutions to minimize the number of suppliers. Not least for this reason, this range fits very well into the existing product portfolio.

Both original ink and toner as well as corresponding products under the brand Isotech, will be in stock in Nässjö. In parallel, an efficient purchasing system is also being built, ensuring safe and secure deliveries from our suppliers of these products. Something that is crucial as proper warehousing is important in order to offer an expected level of service. 

"I am sure that most people know about Tura Scandinavia and that the majority already have customer numbers and buy products from them. The fact that our consumables business now lands in that company feels like a very good solution for both our customers and our suppliers”, says Marcus Andersson, Ambience Group AB.

"It feels good, and we are very pleased to have completed this acquisition. Consumables such as ink and toner are something that we always have missed in our portfolio. With the experience Isolda AB has in this area combined with our own size and strength, we see great opportunities to regain large parts of the turnover that Isolda AB has lost in recent years", says Stefan Eriksson, CEO of Tura Scandinavia.

Contact person in everything regarding our consumables business is Liza Hyttsten, tel. +46 733 51 52 99 and email liza.hyttsten@turascandinavia.com

Best regards 

Tura Scandinavia AB
Stefan Eriksson



December 1 2020

NI Premium Brands becomes Tura Scandinavia AB

On January 1, 2021, the Premium Brands department at Network Innovation (NI) will be a part of Tura Scandinavia (Tura). Network Innovation has been a sister company to Tura for many years and the companies use the common logistics center in Nässjö, Sweden. The move means that the staff will be employed by Tura from the turn of the year. 
NI Premium Brands represents about twenty suppliers. The larger ones include EPSON, Wacom, Eizo, Sony, Flashforge, Omnicharge, Griffin Technology, Enfocus, X-Rite and Archiware. These and a few more are available from next year in Tura instead of NI. The NI Solutions department will remain in Network Innovation.

For NI Premium Brands' customers, this means that transactions after the turn of the year are made through Tura. The staff within Premium Brands retains their previous positions and telephone numbers, and they still have the office in Stockholm. However, they change e-mail addresses from the turn of the year. The new e-mail addresses are according to the principle "firstname.lastname@turascandinavia.com". 

Tura is a leading Nordic distributor of accessories in Audio, Video, Mobile, Data, Photography, TV, Gaming and SDA. The philosophy is a wide range, strong brands and fast delivery. The business was founded in Gothenburg in 1976 and today operates in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. The head office is located in Kungsbacka, Sweden, and the logistics center in Nässjö, Sweden. Tura has products from strong brands in consumer electronics but is also a leader in "pro media solutions", a department aimed at professional broadcasting. 

“With this maneuver, we streamline our distribution of products within Premium Brands, which today is part of Network Innovation. This primarily benefits our customers, who today buy a lot from both our companies. In addition to this, we see significant opportunities to expand our business with the suppliers, who are now coming over to Tura. Something that in the long run will also benefit our customers ", says Stefan Eriksson, CEO of Tura Scandinavia and Network Innovation.

Torbjörn Peterson, who has been a long-term colleague in Network Innovation, will take up the position as Business Area Manager in Tura Scandinavia. This with a focus on the part that is being moved from Network Innovation. For more information on above, you can always turn to him.  He can be reached at + 46-733-16 77 04 or torbjorn.peterson@turascandinavia.com

Tura Scandinavia AB

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