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  • Welcome to D-Line, Innovative Cable Management Solutions

  • All D-Line products require no electrical competence to install & look great!


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    D-Line Cable Trunking (D-shaped!) blends with décor so cables disappear. Alternative colour and sizes are available.
    D-Line cable trunking is easy to use – and looks great on any surface!


  • 16x08mm Micro and 20x10mmMicro+ Trunking

    To hide speaker cable, bell wires, telephone and alarm cable, Micro trunking offers a discreet solution.

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  • 22x22mm Quarterly Shaped Profile

    ¼-round 22 x 22mm profile covers expansion gaps between floors and skirting, while providing an easy-to-use cable duct around floor perimeters. Traditional floor trim is usually nailed and requires perfect measuring of lengths before corners can be mitre-cut at 45º angles. By contrast D-Line ¼-round can simply peel-and-stick to skirting, while the Clip-Over corner-bends save any need for precise measuring and can cover oblique cuts.

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  • 30x15mm Mini Trunking

    D-Line 30x15mm Mini Trunking offers a subtle appearance to make surface cable installations look attractive!
    This versatile profile is popular for power cables, 2x 2.5mm T&E, 2x 1.5mm 2c FP cables, 2x broadband cable and 4x Cat-5 combinations.

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  • 50x25mm Maxi Trunking

    D-Line 50x25mm Maxi is a versatile trunking, providing capacity for several cables.
    The size, capacity and range of colours makes this profile a market-leading solution for many AV, electrical and datacoms projects.

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    D-Line Trunking Multipacks contain 1-meter lengths & a range of popular accessories to hide cables around a variety of angles.

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    Cable Tidy Units provide a neat stylish solution to hide extension blocks and associated cable clutter. With all wires and cables neatly concealed,
    wasted space is returned and surface become easier to clean. A safety trip and spill hazard are also eliminated.

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  • Cable Tidy Unit Small 325mm (L) x 125mm (W) 115mm (H)

    Use small unit to contain popular 4-gang extension sockets up to 280mm length.

    Cable Tidy Unit Large 415mm (L) x 165mm (W) 135mm (H)

    Use small unit to contain popular 6-gang extension sockets up to 340mm length.

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    D-Line Cable Accessories are ideal to keep cables where you want them! They neatly contain cables dropping behind TV’s and desks.

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     D-Line Cable Protectors. Eliminate trip hazards and protect cables running across floors. Easy-to-use, lengths simply uncoil to retrofit over cables.  

    Use Medium Duty for areas with extensive foot traffic.