You will be able to shop just as usual but first you have to complete your user.

Press HERE and fill in the email address you previously registered with Tura. You will then receive an email with a new password which you can then easily change. Then it is free to carry out your next order.

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Why can't I change my email address?

Your email address is linked to your company and cannot be changed by you. Please contact us if you want to change.

What is the difference between an order maker and an order approver?

You as the person responsible for the company's account will automatically become the order approver, that is, you can add and approve orders. You can add a colleague who only can place an order in the cart, but not check it out. You, as the order approver, then have to go under "ORDER APPROVER" on my pages to approve, cancel, or place the order again.

How do I change passwords?

Enter the LOGIN DATA inside my pages to update your password.

Why are my invoices not visible in the invoice history?

Make sure you have chosen the right range in the date.

How do I make a return?

Enter RMA inside my pages and follow the steps.